An Tir Embellisher’s Guild

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About the Embellisher’s Guild

Who We Are and What We Do

We are the Embellishers of An Tir. Amongst other things we do embroidery, needlework, painting, leather decoration, wood carving, burning and painting, bone carving and more. Any citizen of An Tir can join our Guild, and any member of the Guild can challenge the Guild Ranks.

We have a lot of fun at what we do. Come join us, and join the party!

Who Can Join?

Anyone who plays in the SCA in An Tir is welcome to join the Guild.

Guild meetings are open to anyone; member or not. There is no membership fee, currently, to join the guild. You must be a member of the Guild to participate in guild challenges and rise through the guild ranks to become an Artisan.

The Guild Online

The online guild presence has become much more important now that money is tight enough for some of us that travel is difficult. Our wonderful Kingdom has always been very large, and this can make traveling across it difficult for other reasons for some of us. Therefore, the Guild has (with the inspiration and help of the many wonderful people) moved into utilizing more online functions. The Guild’s Facebook group(s) has(have) become important in that regard (see links below).

Online Activities

Guild Meetings and Classes

Every Monday, online on the Guild’s Facebook page, THL Giana Visconti, former guild mistress, holds a show and tell. Take pictures of what you are working on, what you’ve worked on the past, links to what you are planning on doing. Whatever! And bring them to the show and tell because we love that kind of thing!

Thread - Weaving - Tablet by Madrun
Thread – Weaving – Tablet by Madrun

How to Join Us

To ‘attend’ online meetings or classes simply log into Facebook in the days or hours before the meeting/class is scheduled, go to the guild page, look for the event that announces the meeting or class and hit the button that indicates you are ‘going’ to the meeting/class (event). If you might be able to attend, please hit the ‘maybe’ button so an invitation can be issued regardless. Once you do that, on the day of the meeting/class around the appropriate time (usually a bit before 8 pm or so), log into Facebook and you should already have been ‘asked’ to join the message/chat group for the meeting. Look for this on your messages page. Join the group message/chat, and you are in the meeting; please join us online!

What is Embellishment?

The Short Answer

Decoration, on anything, with anything.

The Long Answer

The most commonly thought of forms of embellishment in the SCA seem to be needlework, embroidery, and decoration of garments and linens and home furnishings. However, embellishment can also be done with paints on wood or leather, with stamps and engraving tools on wood, leather and metal, with threads and other items on textiles, and on many other materials in many other media. In fact, embellishment is making just about anything more attractive by decorating it. Of course, we, as a Guild, are focused upon the ways items were embellished during the accepted SCA period of study.