12th Night’s Virtual Challenge 2021

The Embelisher’s Guild is proud to present it’s very first VIRTUAL Challenge.

If you have challenged before you’ll be familiar with the challenge process, but the online forum for the online format is new for us. Please read on for more information.

If you’ve never challenged before, follow our easy guildlines to begin the challenge process.

If you would like to challenge for a level in the Embellishers’ Guild, we’ll be doing that in our breakout room at 12th Night. January 9, 2021.

Virtual Challenges

In the day and age where we can’t meet in person, we have the miracle of the internet. The Embellisher’s Guild is moving into the virtual world using photographs and text documents.

In order to challenge there will be a need to submit photographs of your work. The photos must show all facets of the piece, this means the whole front, the whole back, and sides if needed. Then another photo of the exact part of the piece you are showcasing. show as much detail as possible. Each submission will also need a brief description of the piece, it’s time frame, culture and inspiration.

Any required documentation should be submitted as an attached file.

Virtual Challenge Format

  1. Everyone gathers for the challenge in the designated breakout room.
  2. A challenger presents their work to the evaluators. Evaluators will examine the piece and ask questions of the challenger.
  3. Evaluators will step away and confer with each other.
  4. Evaluators return and share any feedback or insights about the piece. This is not a judgmental conversation. Evaluators and guild members at large are very excited to see new work and to encourage each other.
  5. Evaluators will award a knowledge rank to the challenger based on their presentation and record the challenge toward the challenger’s next guild rank. Depending on the requirements for the next rank, the challenger may or may not achieve that rank. Higher ranks require multiple challenges to complete.
  6. At any time, you can check your progress toward your next rank in our Member’s database.

Virtual Challenge 12th Night 2021 Sign up Form

Virtual 12th Night Sign up Form