A challenge is a friendly way for someone who has done a piece of embellishment work to get feedback from the guild.

A challenge is not a competition. It’s a show-and-tell of a finished or in-progress piece. The feedback comes from members of the guild (sometimes called adjudicators or evaluators) who have demonstrated a certain level of competency or experience in that form of embellishment.

Challenges are fun! The purpose of challenging a piece of embellishment is to show off your skills and knowledge to the other (very receptive) members of the guild and to increase the guild ranks with your own knowledge and interests. Challenging does not necessarily require documentation.

Challenges allow us to inspire each other, no matter what level of expertise you have!

As you participate in challenges with various embellishment techniques, you will earn ranks and achieve knowledge levels within the guild structure. Members may show their rank by wearing the guild badge decorated in their rank color.

Challenge events have historically taken place at Kingdom and Regional events but they are now being adapted to an online format.

Guild Ranks

Guild ranks are earned by entering challenges and meeting the requirements for the rank. (Read more…)

Proficiency Levels

Proficiency levels are learned within a specific form of embellishment and range from Working knowledge (basic understanding) to Expert.

How to Participate in a Challenge

The rules for participation in a challenge depend on your guild rank. At lower ranks, there are fewer requirements. Likewise, the higher the rank you’re trying to achieve, the more requirements for your submission.

A full checklist of requirements for each challenge rank is available here.

In general, the things you’ll need in order to challenge with a piece of embellishment are:

  1. The piece of embellishment
  2. General knowledge about the form of embellishment, its purpose or how it was typically used, and the time period and culture or region it comes from. The piece should fit into the cultures and time period encompassed by the SCA.
  3. Higher levels require documentation.

Typical Challenge Format

  1. Everyone gathers for the challenge
  2. A challenger presents their work to the evaluators. Evaluators will examine the piece and ask questions of the challenger.
  3. Evaluators will step away and confer with each other.
  4. Evaluators return and share any feedback or insights about the piece. This is not a judgmental conversation. Evaluators and guild members at large are very excited to see new work and to encourage each other.
  5. Evaluators will award a proficiency level to the challenger based on their presentation and record the challenge toward the challenger’s next guild rank. Depending on the requirements for the next rank, the challenger may or may not achieve that rank. Higher ranks require multiple challenges to complete.
  6. At any time, you can check your progress toward your next rank in our Member’s database.

To Arrange Challenges

To arrange to challenge a rank, please contact the Guild Challenge Deputy if you wish to challenge at a Kingdom event. To challenge at a regional event contact the Guild Challenge Deputy or one of the Regional Challenge deputies listed on the Contact Us link.


If you wish to sponsor a contest, display or challenge or participate as an evaluator, please do let the Guild Minister know!

Past Contests, Displays and Challenges