The display/contest went very well. There were many lovely items on show, and many people came by to see them all. 5 people brought items to display:

  • Lady Alizaunde brought beautiful celtic embroidery done in stem and modified basket stitches, eventually meant to decorate a tunic.
  • THL Havoise de Rohan came with various pieces: a split/stem stitch embroidery on silk of the Welshdragon, a tablecloth with large areas of cross-stitched voided work (assisi) and a tunic embroidered with various stitches around the neckline and so on. All wonderful work.
  • Gudrun Saebjornsdottir entered celtic embroidery done as a very nice favor for her husband.
  • Dame Madrun displayed wood burning and painting on the cover of a hand-bound book used for remembrances at Baroness Laurellen’s vigil for Pelican.
  • THL Aelianora de Wyntringham showed a 14th-15th C German brick-stitched bag.

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