Documents and Links

Documents of the Embellishers’ Guild

The following are the current documents of the Embellishers’ Guild. These versions of these documents supercede all others.

Guild Guidelines, Embellishment Forms, and More

The guild guidelines, embellishment forms, ranks, knowledge levels, ranks, badge and more. This document is the final word on guild structure and guidelines (‘rules’). It is revised fairly often. The document linked here will always be the most up to date.


The documents below discuss ranks in the guild, finding/plotting your way through the ranks, and more. Some of these are handouts from classes held online, in the guild Facebook group. These classes may be repeated in the future, as new members learn about the guild.


The following document concerns challenges. Information about challenges may also be included in the documents about ranks, above.

  • NEW!:A Simple discussion of Challenges class taught by Magistra Aelianora de Wyntrinham, outline by Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham. This simply talks about doing a challenge and about organizing challenges for an event.

Information for Deputy Guild Ministers, Their Deputies, and So On

  • Regional Guild Minister Guidelines. These are the guidelines for running a regional guild. This was a class taught by Magistra Aelianora de Wyntrinham, outline by Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham, rev. 8 Mar 2017.
  • How to Run Challenges. This is about running challenges for the Guild. It is from a slightly different angle and in more details, than the handout linked under ‘Challenges’ above. From a class taught by Magistra Aelianora de Wyntrinham, outline by Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham, 21 August 2017.

Membership and Challenge Forms

  • Membership Form. This is membership form for the guild. The guild minister and regional guild ministers/challenge deputies, etc, will usually have hard copies of this form to fill out at events. You can become a member by getting a membership form from one of them at the event, filling it out, and giving the form back to them. You can also download the form, print it, fill it out and scan it before emailing it to the guild/database minister (see the officers and members page for email info).
  • Challenges Report Form. This is the form to use if you are organizing/running challenges to record the results of those challenges. Scan it after you’ve filled it out, and send it to the guild/database minister. This form allows you to record up to 8 challenges on one sheet. You can use more than one sheet if necessary.

Online Meeting Minutes/Outlines

Online meetings are sometimes held on Facebook either before, or after, Kingdom events. The following documents are outlines for some of them.

EMail List and Facebook Groups for the Guild and Subguilds

Email List

The Guild runs an email listserver at: Please feel free to join in our discussion there. The list is moderated to cut down on spam, and requires approval to join. Unfortunately, the list is rarely used as of 2018 (trends being what trends are), so it is suggested you join the Facebook group for the guild, as listed below.

Facebook Group

Kingdom Guild

The Guild has a Facebook Group at The Embellishers’ Guild of An Tir (

Regional Guilds

There are also two regional Facebook Groups for the Embellishers’ Guild: The Embellishers’ Guild of An Tir, Summits (, and The Insula Magna Embellishers’ Guild (