Member Information

The Guild membership database is up to date as of 3 Jan 2019. All currently received challenge reports, membership forms, etc have been entered. Currently work is being done on deciding how to record/enter teaching requirements and setting up a system in the database for presenting pictures taken of forms which have been challenged.

  • We've put in all the records we have. If your records are not here, that is because we do not have them, with the exception of teaching records.
  • Every challenge we know about is listed. If your challenge is not listed, contact the Minister or Challenge Deputy. Please include any details that would be useful to add the challenge.
  • Most members are listed as 'Inactive'. If you have recently joined, or recently challenged you are listed as 'active'. If you have recently spoken to the Guild Minister about Guild activities or concerns, you are listed as 'active'. If you consider yourself active in the guild, but are not listed as such, contact the Guild Minister and ask to be so listed.
  • In the next several months, when 'teaching' is added those members currently listed as 'inactive' will disappear from the online database.
  • They will remain in backup though, so reactivating a member is fairly simple. Contact the Guild Minister if you need to do that. If a date is unknown it is listed as 1999-01-01.
  • Suggestions and Ideas about the Database are very welcome. Here's what should be coming as time allows:
    • A list of challenge data (when and where challenges were held)
    • Ability to print out your own custom project tracking sheet


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