Guild Motto:

The motto is, ‘It Needs a Little Something…

Guild Badge:

Guild Badge

The guild badge (designed and submitted by Alicia le Wilfulle; it is an officially registered badge) can be used by any guild member. Those with the rank of member will be asked to use an uncolored/embellished badge. As the person rises in guild rank different colors can be used to embellish the badge in whatever manner/design (as long as the main structure of the badge is not infringed upon). Some ideas for this embellishment include having different colored threads threaded through the needle, simple decoration (e.g. circles) along the hammer handle, etc. To discover which colors correspond to which guild rank, see the guild ranking information, summarized below.

Guild Rank Colors:

  • Member: none
  • Junior Student: blue
  • Senior Student: green
  • Journeyman: red
  • Craftsman: purple
  • Artisan: black