Guild Sample Box

What is the Guild Box?

This is a box, currently in the care of the Guild Minister, which contains samples of embellishment done by various members of the guild. The box started at the request of the Crown, as a condition for the Guild to be made a full Guild. Their majesties wisely wanted to be able to show the populace what an embellisher did and what embellishment is! The Guild members stepped up and gladly supplied samples of embellishment! (BTW we can always use more samples, so if you want to do some, contact the Guild Minister and let them know!)

Guild Sample Box Contributions

Here are some of the samples we’ve received for the Guild Box, in no particular order.

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Cast Metal Decorated Belt: Mistress Alicia le Wilfulle

Tooled and Painted Leather, Scissors Case: Mistress Alicia le Wilfulle

Assisi Work: Mistress Arlys o Gordon

Kumihimo Braid: Mistress Arlys o Gordon

Card Weaving, linen in Egyptian diagonals: Lady Madrun Gwenhyddes

Card Weaving, 9-14th C England vine and leaf motif: Lady Madrun Gwenhyddes

Card Weaving, 6th C England, Anglo-Saxon threaded-in pattern: Lady Madrun Gwenhyddes

lucet cord on wool: HE Shawna Kerr of Devonshire