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Guild Minister

The Honorable Lady Gianna Visconti

Overall Challenge Deputy/Officer:


Hartwood Regional Guild Minister

Lady Guencendl (Gwynafel) ben Madudhain

Web Minister

Mu’allima Halima al-Rakkasa

Rivers Regional Guild Minister

The Honorable Lady Giana Visconti

Note on Regional Guild Ministers/Deputies:

In order to facilitate management of the guild over the vast distances of our beloved Kingdom of An Tir, the guild has developed positions for regional and/or group guild ministers (sub-guild ministers). These ministers have simple duties, mostly involving collecting new member applications and holding challenges at local events. The purpose of these is to create and advance interest and membership in the guild and encourage members to learn new crafts and skills.

Please consult the documents Embellishers’ Regional Guilds (regional_guild_guidelines.pdf) and How to Run Challenges (how_to_challenges.pdf) for more details.